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If you are looking for a temporary barrier, we also offer temporary fences. These types of fences are suitable for various uses that may perfectly fit your specific needs. Below are the different temporary fences that afencing company in Saint Paul offers.

  • Panels

If you need to create partitions in a vast area such as arenas or fields, we recommend using panels. This type of temporary fence can stand on its own, which means it does not require additional support. You can easily fix these panels together by interlocking them. If you need secured barricades, you can add barb wires on it. Panels come in various materials such as wood, chain link, and gates.

  • Water Barricades

Although this type of temporary fence is very common for parking lots and construction sites, water barricades can also be for other uses. This type of fence had its name because it contains water within. To explain simply, the water serves as the stabilizer of the barricade. Once the water barricade is not in use, you can drain it of water to be able to move it easily.

  • Anti-scale Fences

If you are looking for a temporary fence that can ensure tight security, then we recommend these anti-scale fences. It can also provide excellent privacy because of its height, which is 8 feet. These anti-scale fences are break in proof since it uses steel and mesh as its main material.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

This type of temporary fence is excellent for places or events with massive foot traffic such as parades, sports events, music festivals, or concerts. It acts as the separator that indicates the designated space for motor vehicles and pedestrians.

These temporary fences are available for either rent or sale. If you are interested, you can call us at 651-362-2183 for inquiries.

fence installation Saint Paul
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