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Simtek has only been recently introduced in the market, which means majority of property owners are still unfamiliar with the said material. Although it has only been in existence for a little over a decade, Simtek is a promising material that every property owner should consider.

Over the years of our service as one of the fence companies in Saint Paul, we observed how most of the property owners are looking for durable and beautiful, yet affordable fences. Many of them end up compromising one of these preferences over the other because of the lack of options. However, with the Simtek fence, there is no need to sacrifice any of which. All of these ideal characteristics are present in Simtek fences.

Simtek is affordable because it uses less costly material, which is plastic. The specific type of plastic that Simtek uses is called polyethylene. This type of plastic is nothing quite like the ordinary plastic. It is resilient, impact proof, and can resist all types of weather. To prevent it from melting under the heat of the sun, it has been sun stabilized. Meanwhile, to keep it strong and stable, it uses a steel reinforcement within. On average, this type of fence is about $1800 to $4500, including the material and the labor costs. The final price will depend on a lot of factors, but particularly the size and the design of the fence. For a free estimate, call us at 651-362-2183.

This material has been slowly becoming a favorite, not only because of its price and durability, but because of its look as well. Even though it is made of plastic, Simtek still looks elegant with the texture it comes along with. Our clients can choose from three different textures such as Simtek Ecostone Style, Simtek Ecostone Privacy Fence, and Bufftech Sherwod privacy fence.

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