About Us

We began as a small fence contractor in Saint Paul in 2002.  From day one, we have always been committed to provide quality products and services that property owners can rely on. Through the years, we have managed to still do the same by ensuring the we remain consistent. Up to this day, we are proud to say that our company has never failed in our promise to deliver the quality that our clients deserve.

From the small-scale company that we were, our organization slowly grew to what it is today. The journey was not easy. There were numerous trials and bumps along the way that we had to get pass through. Aside from that, we also had to bounce back from numerous setbacks. But with grit, passion, and commitment, as well as by working together, we were able to successfully sail through the roughest seas. By faith and hard work, we got to where we are now.

As part of fostering the growth of our company, we worked on improving our services and our products. For our services, we streamlined and reviewed our processes to make sure that we are working efficiently. Our company also trained our employees to be the best service providers. Each one of them underwent training that helped them acquire the proper skills needed for their specific job. Our products, on the other hand, also improved in quality. We wanted to make sure that we get to keep up with the changing times, so we are continuously evolving our products. With that, we also managed to grow our choices for our clients. Part of satisfying the clients is providing them with sufficient product options. At the same time, having a lot to choose from increases the chance for property owners to find something that can meet their needs.

Aside from our clients, we also put high regard on our employees. Our company believes that as much as clients are important, our people are equally important as well. We see to it that we provide them with an excellent working condition that provides them with work life balance. Our company also ensures that everyone gets proper recognition, especially for their exemplary performance. We also ensure that we get to foster continuous growth for our people by providing them with new opportunities that they can explore.

Being a fencing company in Saint Paul for 18 years, we have always pledged to take care of the environment. As part of the fencing industry, we make sure to reduce our carbon footprint impact by using sustainable materials and processes. At the same time, we also see to it that we manage our waste materials responsibly.

In all the years to come, we are confident that we can continuously bring value to a lot of property owners by being afence company in Saint Paul. We can assure you that we will remain true to our promise by providing quality products and services.

If interested, you can call us at 651-362-2183.

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